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Advantages using OKdoc and joining the RD4A Health Ecosystem!

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Improvement in Patient Records
The old way of filling out records results in data repitition, wasted paper and wasted time

Using the mobile phone app OKdoc to book and attend healthcare consultations offers patients many great advantages such as , not missing appointments, ease of obtaining a prescription, managing repeat  prescriptions.
The patient is also benefitted in other ways, they get real live one on one attention from a skilled and vetted healthcare giver unlike when they visit over crouded clinics that might also be short satffed. Using OKdoc  offers patients private, efficient, effective and well targeted treatment sessions which improves their overall healthcare consultation experience.
An then there is the medical history which is stored in an encrypted information vault at patient at that time  through a live video conference. The the complete treatment record from that consultation is automatically   added to their digital medical history

As for that  irritating form that patients normaly have to complete every time they walk into a new doctor's waiting room. With OKdoc they only ever need to fill out a registration form once,  and it  will be there available for ever, available to every new healthcare professional they interacvct with on OKdoc, being automatically updated  and added to in realtime after every interaction inside the RD4A Health Ecosystem or on OKdoc. Which means Less Paperwork, No Lost Records, No Needless Repitition and Less time wasting and Automatic Privacy Legislation Compliance!

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Created by a team of healthcare and technology experts, RD4A Solutions use cutting-edge technology to connect patients and healthcare providers on a digital platform. It innovatively brings together all the features needed for a quality virtual healthcare experience for both the medical professional and the patient, in a securely encrypted, user-friendly environment.