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Remote Doctors 4 Africa® (RD4A®) have developed a complete Cloud-based Health Ecosystem the entry point being the OKdoc® App through which patients Doctors and Care Units can do basic Telemedicine functions: Like Searching for a Doctor, booking and appointment and even basic diagnostics  through the video chat interface. The Video Chat interface allows for both full video chat capabilities but also offers conversation transcription allowing for easy conversation record keeping. It also offers the basic chat text function as well as incorporating access to Medical Tranlators and Medical Specialists all in the same chat.

With the ever changing legal and industry requirements it is very difficult for Doctors to run their practice while also being legislation and industry compliant. Well RD4A® takes care of all of that by offering Doctors a full Practice Management Suite that includes encrypted document storage, cloud based prescriptions, patient session booking and evn p[lugs into Medical Aids and Practice Administrators.

One of the biggest challenges facing Africa today is a shortage of Doctors especially in remote isolated areas where it is often very difficult for a Doctor to come out and see patients and even difficult for the patients to travel to see a Doctor. RD4A® has integrated full remote medical device monitoring and management. What this means is that a doctor can log into a session with a patient and even though they are separated by thousands of kilometres directly treat the patient that is connected to medical diagnostic devices through the RD4A encrypted cloud as if they are in the same room. The Doctor will even be able to dispense a medicine script through the RD4A® encrypted cloud that the patient or care unit supervisor can draw from a connected pharmacy. All this is managed through a unique IdentityEvent Audit-Trail solution that offers Identity Management, Privacy Management and Authority Management all securely in real time!


Our Offered Services


Record Management

All communications and documentation will be encrypted and stored securely in the cloud, linked directly to the patient.


Remote Medicine

Doctors can manage the patient care through a remote link to the care unit that can be anywhere.


Authority Management

Using a unique Encrypted Biometric Cloud based Identity Event Auditing, signing in each individual.


Care Units

Remotely connected care units allow doctors to login from their office and manage the treatment session and even sign prescriptions.

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Created by a team of healthcare and technology experts, RD4A Solutions use cutting-edge technology to connect patients and healthcare providers on a digital platform. It innovatively brings together all the features needed for a quality virtual healthcare experience for both the medical professional and the patient, in a securely encrypted, user-friendly environment.