RD4A Price Point Survey

Thank you for volunteering to assist us with our survey to determine the correct price point for a remote health service Mobile Application.
We really do appreciate you taking the time to give us your honest input.

Note that this is an anonymous survey so we do not collect any of your personal identity information, so please do answer as honestly as possible.


The following questions do not contain any of your identity or contact information but are purely to assist us with determining demografics.

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Imagine you are just going for a normal Doctor visit, maybe with a cold or flu. At what price would you concider a consultation with a Doctor to be:

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To place the following price questions in context please read through the following senario:
Imagine instead of having to get into your car drive all the way out to visit your general practitioner (Doctor), you could just use an Mobile App to make an online appointmen, choosing from a list of qualified, verified and presently available medical practitioners. Then choosing from multiple options you choose  the most conveniently (for you) available Doctor. Once that Doctor accepts the consultation you can begin your live video consultation (with automatic transcription to add to your medical records). Now imagine all your medical history also follows you securely with the assistance of that same Mobile App and there instantly available for the Doctor, no matter which Doctor you have chosen, should he need to refer to it. Oh and once you have completed your one time registration there is no need to ever fill in all those forms you normally do when ariving at a Doctors waiting room, and if the Doctor you have selected is not available at your convenience you just choose another one from the list of available doctors no waiting for appointments or sitting in waiting rooms full of sick patients either! To add to your convenience that same app allows the Doctor you are consulting with to also issue you with a digital medicine treatment script through the App that then automatically onsends to your local pharmasist to prepare and have delivered directly to you at home or await your convenient collection. This all done through this one convenient Mobile App.


So we would just like to determine what the value of such a Mobile App service is to you? Keep in mind this is not the price of the Doctors consultation that is separate to the booking fee on the App but could potentially become cheaper than normal through the app due to competition, this fee we want below is just for the booking fee on the Mobile App per use. What would you concider to be:

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