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About Remote Doctors 4 All

Remote Doctors 4 All® (RD4A®) offers a full digital consultancy management suite to doctors in normal general practice, to medical specialists and the healthcare support services while automatically complying with legislation, but RD4A® is so much more. It also offers doctors full access and participation to remote care units out in the field.

Practitioner typing on computer in modern clinic. Doctor at work in office using computer with copy space. African happy specialist wearing white coat and sitting at desk while mediacal team having meeting in background.Remote Doctors 4 All® s a unique versatile digital health ecosystem that delivers a full and complete suite of solutions to the healthcare industry. Imagine delivering hospital quality primary healthcare to people in remote and rural communities across South Africa, Botswana, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe, with the doctors and specialists participating in real time but from remote locations, This is all possible with Remote Doctors 4 All®.

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Established in 2019, Remote Doctors 4 All® brings the doctor to those living in remote and rural communities who find it difficult to travel long distances to clinics. Using innovative tele-health technology, Remote Doctors 4 All® has partnered with several experts in their field to provide digitally enabled healthcare services to the unconnected citizens of these countries. Healthcare services in rural and remote communities are virtually non-existent.

Patients waiting in a rural clinic for medical attention.

Even the clinics that are available, have limited functionality with few health professionals on site to deliver all the range of services required. This results in those living in these communities to have a poorer health status than the rest of the population.

The Remote Doctors 4 All® management team has a wealth of experience working in the technology industry in Africa and aims to address this challenge through the delivery of tele-health services. These services are deployed using a mobile application that brings hospital quality primary healthcare to the people who need it the most. This app can be used on all mobile devices whether a smartphone or a more basic feature phone.

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Connecting the unconnected through digital services, offering actual interaction and services from local General Practitioners and specialist healthcare providers that can assist with basic medical consultations, to expert medical diagnostic healthcare equipment and services; bringing primary healthcare closer to those who are forgotten in the villages across South Africa with a simple entry platform being a Mobile Phone with the OKdoc® App installed.

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Remote Doctors 4 All® and the WHO believe in the concept of healthcare as a human right for all people. As a start-up, with a network of collaborators already active and in place, we believe that with our in-house expertise, the language agnostic application, and our understanding of the real challenges rural communities face, we will be able to change the lives of the people in our rural communities, transforming the way healthcare is provided to the unconnected.

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It is only through innovative programmes, partnerships, and digitally-enabled technology that we will become an enabler to truly deliver change to those who need it most. COVID-19 has highlighted the need for a more robust professional healthcare system, one that is inclusive, structured, cost effective, and can deliver care to those regardless of their location.


The Remote Doctors 4 All® Cloud-Based Health Ecosystem and the OKdoc® application brings the doctor to the patient virtually, no matter where they are.

The RD4A® software and solution is a gift to the world where ever there might be a shortage of qualified medical doctors.

Professional Developers

Highly Qualified Development Team

Nobatembu Jilingisi

"nopinki" Manages the all African production team consisting of very experienced Systems Architects, Developers, User Interface Specialists and App/Web designers.


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Created by a team of healthcare and technology experts, RD4A Solutions use cutting-edge technology to connect patients and healthcare providers on a digital platform. It innovatively brings together all the features needed for a quality virtual healthcare experience for both the medical professional and the patient, in a securely encrypted, user-friendly environment.